Wisbech House

Wisbech House1 is a large double fronted/double depth Georgian dolls house, the exterior has been set in the late Regency years of the 1830's, and has opening panels on three sides. The largest in the Anglia Dolls Houses range, this allows ample scope for the most imaginative Downton Abbey style "upstairs/downstairs" themes. With twenty three rooms on four floors this dolls house will absorb a huge amount of furniture for even the most dedicated collector. Like other houses in the Anglia Dolls House range, the external architectural details can be modified to take the essential design back to an earlier Georgian time frame, or internal details modified to set the story inside in the Victorian or Edwardian eras. The interior of the house shown below is set later than the 1830's exterior to include a range of post-Georgian period details with, for example, a mixture of oil, gas and candle lighting.

Width (max)44" (47") Depth (max)37" (53")Height (max)46" (52½")

Floors 4Rooms23Staircases2External doors3
Internal doors26Opening panels6Windows46Chimney pots18
Rooms with panelling to dado6Rooms with field & frame panelling1Rooms with wallpaper3Rooms with tongue and groove panelling2
Fireplaces12Window seats5Jib doors1Recessed bookcases3
Linen cupboards2Washing coppers1Servant's call handles10Sinks2
Bread ovens1Kitchen range1Rooms with shelves2Servants' bells10

Wisbech House Photographs3


Wisbech House has opening panels on three sides with lift-off steps to both the front and rear. There is a balcony along the full width of the front set above the grand portico. The house has a double-hipped roof and chimney pots aligned with the fireplaces within the house. The rear of the house features a central bay with a Venetian window and more modest lift-off steps.


The grander rooms are on the two central floors accessed via the elegant double depth entrance hall and main staircase while the servants' quarters, in the basement and the bathroom and other top/attic floor rooms, are accessed by separate servants' stairs.

The photographs below show, floor by floor, a house finished to the level of our standard package. Full details of what is included are shown later on this page together with a gallery of furnished rooms for inspiration and a sense of room sizes.


This is a house that would have quite a large number of servants and there are 6 large basement rooms for them to work and sleep in. The kitchen is fitted with real quarry tiles, whilst the scullery, pantry, servant's hall, laundry, butler's pantry and corridors all have have real flagstone floors. There are shelves in the pantry, the butler's pantry and the servant's hall. The servants' bells hang outside the butler's pantry.

Basement Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of Wisbech House has elegantly proportioned rooms. A broad arch connects the back hall to the front hall. The dining room has shelved alcoves and two window seats, the drawing room, on the other side of the hall, features arched alcoves and two window seats. The morning room, at the rear of the house, has a single window seat and a recessed bookcase, whilst the smaller breakfast room has a second door that gives access to the back stairs. The back stairs are also accessed via a door from the rear entrance hall; this would enable a servant, working in the basement, to come quickly to a visitor waiting at the front door or to attend a call from one of the other rooms in the house.

Ground Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

First Floor

The first floor has two grand bedrooms, one linked to the servant's stairs with a jib door; both bedrooms interconnect through a dressing room. There is a half-panelled library with two recessed bookcases and a half-panelled music room. The main landing is lit by a feature crystal chandelier, with natural light coming through the Venetian window:

First Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

Second Floor

The 6 rooms on the second (top) floor are accessible only via the servants' stairs. These include a large wallpapered bedroom, day and night nurseries and, in recognition of the later period of the house, a bathroom. There are two plain rooms which might have been occupied by servants: a housekeeper's room and a small room for a maid:

Second Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.


Wisbech House includes a particularly grand and complex main staircase situated in the rear hallway. In addition there are 3 flights of plainer stairs, which can be accessed by opening a separate panel, complete with windows, set into the side of the house.

What is included?

Wisbech House is fully lit and decorated throughout, with your choice of colours from the Farrow & Ball colour card. Wisbech House includes:

Wisbech House - front:

Wallpapered bedroom2 x wall lights with frosted glass shadesMaid's room1 x gas ceiling lightNight nursery2 x wall lights with frosted glass shades
1 x brass chamberstick
Bedroom with jib door2 x wall lightsDressing room1 x gas downlighterPanelled bedroom2 x double wall sconce
Dining room6-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x double wall sconce
Entrance Hall2 x wall lightsDrawing room5-arm crystal chandelier
2 x wall sconce
Kitchen1 x hanging lampPantry1 x hanging lampServants' hall1 x 3-arm hanging oil lamp with glass chimneys

Wisbech House - rear:

Day nursery1 x 3-arm uplighter with frilled glass shadedBathroom1 x 2-arm light with glass shades
2 x wall lights
Housekeeper's room1 x 3-arm hanging oil lamp with glass chimneys
Library2 x brass candle sconce
1 x 6-arm brass candle chandelier
Landing1 x feature crystal chandelier with
Swarovski crystals and Austrian glass
Music room2 x double candle sconce
Morning room6-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x wall lights
Rear Hall1 x wall lightBreakfast room4-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x single brass candle sconce
Laundry1 x hanging lampScullery1 x hanging lampButler's pantry1 x 3-arm hanging oil lamp with glass chimneys

Wisbech House - side/servants' stairs:

Second floor1 x wall light
First floor1 x wall light
Ground floor1 x wall light
Basement1 x wall light

Collectors' Upgrades

The following extra cost features can be added to further enhance your dolls house:

If you would like more information about this dolls house please call or email us.

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls House is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under the age of 14.
2 Sizes are approximate and in inches.
3 Photographs show a variety of houses built over time and may not show all features in our latest specification.