Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall is a large double fronted Georgian dolls house1, with rooms either side of a central stair well. It has a wide front apron with a lift-off set of steps.

We have re-introduced Sudbury Hall to our standard range. It is a large double-fronted Georgian dolls house with imported lights, faux slate flagstones, and simple plaster fireplaces wired for you to add your own grates and glowing coals.

Vital statistics

Width42"Depth (max)20½" (30")Height (max)48" (55")

Floors 4Rooms13Staircases3External doors2
Internal doors13Opening panels3Windows19Chimney stacks3
Fireplaces9Rooms with panelling1Elaborate overdoors3Jib doors1
Bricked inglenook arches2Opening bread ovens1Washing coppers1Chimney pots11

Sudbury Hall Photographs3


Sudbury Hall is an imposing country home for a wealthy Georgian family. Exterior style was important to Georgian property owners. You can choose the exterior finish for the front panel from: plain painted or exposed brick. If the dolls house is plain painted, it simulates smooth render over the entire exterior. If the brick front panel finish is chosen, this is disguised with stucco to the top of the ground floor to simulate a more desirable, but expensive, stone construction. This is the home of someone who is wealthy and who wants you to know that they are.

The upper façade is finished with a substantial coving with handmade corbel detail and a parapet consisting of solid and turned balustrade sections. Behind the parapet is a shallow angled slated or tiled hipped roof.

Outside there is an apron covered with grouted flagstones upon which stands the pavement, which, once lifted away enable the front panels to be opened and reveal the servants' door into the basement.


Sudbury Hall has high ceilings that make the generously sized rooms seem airy and spacious and allow chandeliers to hang well. The proportions allow ample scope to furnish the house with the sort of pieces normally associated with a grand Georgian dolls house that won't look cramped or out of place. It has frame and field panelling in the main reception room/Dining Room into which is built a flush servants' door leading to a servants' back stairs. The family accommodation is on the two central floors connected by an elegant double height entrance hall and main staircase while the servants' quarters, in the basement and top floor, are accessed by separate back stairs.


The basement of Sudbury Hall is paved with faux slate flagstones and divided into three rooms: a kitchen, a scullery,and a servants' hall. Servants would have worked and slept in the basement. The left hand basement room is a scullery with a washing copper. The middle basement room is the servants' hall and would be a bustling place when the family were entertaining guests upstairs. Servants would cross the Servants' Hall between the kitchen and the stairs to the ground floor above. The stairs and the jib door in the dining room enabled servants to move discretely between the service rooms and the dining room.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of Sudbury Hall has two large reception rooms, a morning room or study and a dining room, one either side of the entrance hall and main staircase. The right hand dining room room has a jib door that opens into a back hall leading to the back stairs to the basement. The back hall is also accessed via a door from the entrance hall. This would enable a servant working in the basement to come quickly to a visitor waiting at the front door.

First Floor

The first floor of Sudbury Hall consists of a drawing room and a master bedroom set either side of the galleried first floor landing. A door leads from the back of the first floor landing to a cupboard staircase that leads to the second floor. The cupboard staircase is complete and has winding steps visible through its door at the bottom.

Second Floor

The second floor of Sudbury Hall has a galleried landing with doors leading to a bedroom, a nursery and a dressing room that connects to a second bedroom. An opening side panel provides access and light to the second floor dressing room. Intriguing views are available across the back of the house from the opened side panel through the door of the dressing room, through the galleried second floor landing to the bedroom beyond.


The main stairs in Sudbury Hall have stringers and separate stain-varnished treads and stair brackets. Even the cupboard stairs to the second floor have winding steps and have a galleried landing.

What is included?

Sudbury Hall is fully lit and decorated throughout, with your choice of colours from the Farrow & Ball colour card. For orders from April 2016 Sudbury Hall includes:

Rear dressing room &
Front Left-hand room
2 x single wall sconce
1 x single wall sconce
Middle bedroom &
Landing behind
1 x single wall sconce
1 x single wall sconce
Bedroom2 x single wall sconce
Morning room4-arm brass candle chandelierMain landing1 x brass hall lanternLibrary/Master bedroom3-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x single wall sconce
Drawing room6-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x single wall sconce
Entrance Hall1 x double wall sconceDining room6-arm brass candle chandelier
2 x single wall sconce
Scullery1 x black lanternServants' hall1 x double wall sconceKitchen1 x black lantern

Collectors' Upgrades

The following extra cost features can be added to further enhance your dolls house:


Here are some photographs kindly sent to us by one of our clients showing the progress of furnishing their Sudbury Hall.

If you would like more information about this dolls house please call or email us.

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls House is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under the age of 14.
2 Sizes are approximate and in inches.
3 Photographs show a variety of houses built over time and may not show all features in our latest specification.