When you place your order we will advise you about the sort of table or stand you will need to put your your house on when it is delivered. The larger houses can be very heavy: for example a Lincoln House weighs about 230lbs!

We can make a specially designed stand made from ½" birch plywood and fitted with 3" braked castors1. A stand is normally 18" high and fitted with an integral cupboard, with single or double doors, to provide storage. It will have brackets at the rear to secure the house to the stand. The stand will be supplied painted in the main exterior house colour and optionally the exposed top surface can be finished with grouted slate flagstones.

An alternative is a low stand, without a cupboard, as shown with the Lincoln House below.

1 Because of the combined weight of the dolls house and stand it should only be moved on a smooth level floor by an adult.