Ely House

Ely House1 is a compact Georgian dolls house set circa 1760; it is richly fitted out and has many of the features of the larger dolls houses in the Anglia Dolls Houses range. Built from birch plywood to 1/12th scale, this dolls house is for the adult enthusiast who is running out of space and wants their next purchase to be something special.

Ely House has 4 floors: the reception rooms are on the two central floors, while the kitchen is in the basement and bedrooms on the top floor, accessed by cupboard stairs. Even a dolls house of this size may have had a servant although they would have probably slept in the basement, possibly on a fold-down bed.

Vital statistics

Width with 2 windows wide21"Depth (max)20" (23")Height (Max)42" (48")
Width with 3 windows wide26"Depth (max)20" (23")Height (Max)42" (48")

Floors 4Rooms8Staircases3External doors1
Internal doors7Opening panels2Windows7Chimney stacks2
Fireplaces5Marbled hearthstones5Chimney pots5Rooms with half-panelling2
Cooking ranges1Chimney cranes1Bread ovens1Glowing fireboxes2
Jib doors0Washing coppers1Sink & drainer1Pumps1

Ely House Photographs3


Ely House would probably be part of a terrace of buildings. To overcome the restrictions imposed by a dolls house and to make it interesting, a window is provided in a side opening panel to light the first floor landing. Image was important in Georgian England: the front panel at ground floor level is covered in horizontally banded stucco in an attempt to make the building look grander than it really is. Underneath the stucco may have been cheap brick or rubble stone. Above the stucco (depending on the option you choose), the walls are either plain painted; exposed brick; or, more grand, ashlar masonry.

Outside there is a pavement finished with grouted faux flagstones that swings open with the front panel. Set into the flagstones is a grating over a light well for the basement window.

Two width options

Ely House is available with two width options: the original 21" wide house seen in the photographs below and the new 26" wide alternative version. The 26" wide Ely House has two windows and the front door at ground level, with two light wells for the basement windows and three windows wide on the first and second floors. Inside the house the rooms on the left-hand side will be 5" wider than those seen in the pictures."


Unlike some of our other Georgian dolls houses that would be occupied by the families of the gentry, Ely House is designed for a man of means like a successful merchant (definitely not a member of the gentry!) and the interior, whilst comfortable, is not very grand. It has modest rooms on 3 floors above a basement kitchen. The reception rooms are on the two central floors, while the bedrooms are on the top floor, accessed by winding cupboard stairs. If there had been a servant, they would probably have slept in the basement, possibly on a fold down bed.


Ely House has a large basement room, paved with real slate flagstones, and fitted out as a combined kitchen/scullery with a washing copper, bread oven and inglenook arch with a range. A pillar supports the floor above, and the basement window receives its light from a light well set into the pavement outside and covered by a grating. Cupboard stairs connect the basement to the hallway above.

Basement Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

Ground Floor

The ground floor has a reception room with arched alcove either side of the fireplace, each containing dummy cupboards and fitted shelving.

Ground Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

First Floor

The first floor has a large landing and two rooms. The larger room might be used as a drawing room or parlour. The smaller room, which might make a breakfast room, has a corner fireplace which was quite a common method of fitting in a fire where there would otherwise be insufficient space.

First Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.

Second Floor

The second floor rooms would probably be used as bedrooms and are high enough in the building to be out of the worst of the noise and smells of the street below.

Second Floor Gallery

Photographs with furniture to show the size of the rooms.


Stairs are a speciality of Anglia Dolls Houses. Although only a simple provincial town house, as you would expect the main stairs in Ely House have stringers and separate stain-varnished treads. Even the cupboard stairs to the basement and to the second floor are complete. Those to the second floor have winding steps.

What is included?

Ely House is fully lit and decorated throughout, with your choice of colours from the Farrow & Ball colour card. For orders from August 2015 Ely House includes:

Left-hand bedroom 2 x single wall sconceRight-hand bedroom &
top floor landing
1 x single wall sconce
1 x single wall sconce
Drawing room/Parlour2 x single wall sconce
3-arm brass chandelier
Breakfast room/Closet1 x single wall sconce
Dining room2 x single wall sconce
3-arm brass chandelier
Entrance hall1 x black lantern
1 x single wall sconce
Basement kitchen1 x black lantern
1 x single wall sconce
Main landing 1 x black lantern

Collectors' Upgrades

The following features can be added to further enhance your dolls house:

If you would like more information about this dolls house please call or email us.

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls House is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under the age of 14.
2 Sizes are approximate and in inches.
3 Photographs show a variety of houses built over time and may not show all features in our latest specification.