Bespoke Room Boxes

Not everyone has the space for another full sized dolls house. Displayed individually or built into stacks, room boxes are a great way to collect period rooms to display your miniatures. Some of the roomboxes below could possibly be described as small dollshouses but show that the scope for ideas is boundless! A room box doesn't have to be confined to standard dimensions or a single room; it can also have an interesting exterior. The pictures below show a Victorian Schoolroom with a bricked front created to display a special collection, a grander double-width room box created for a customer who had been inspired by Longbourn in Pride and Prejudice and a double-height Art Gallery built to house a collection of miniature artworks.

Call or email us with the outline of your idea; after some discussion we will be able to indicate the likely scale of work involved. When you are ready to proceed with the purchase, we will draw up a specification that describes all the ideas that were discussed and send you this with a quotation.

For further ideas take a look at our standard roomboxes.

Servants' rooms in an attic

A wide roombox with two attic rooms and the possibility of a cupboard staircase concealed behind the door in the corridor.

Hall and Sitting Room

Two rooms with an exterior opening panel with front door and windowseats. This roombox was dimensioned to sit exactly within a set of bookshelves.

Victorian Schoolroom

A lofty schoolroom with rafters set behind a brickwork front panel and with slate effect roof and tall chimney to complete the picture.

Art Gallery

A two storey gallery, designed to be wall hung or stood on a chest of drawers, to exhibit a collection of miniature art works.

A Slice of Longbourn

A project inspired by our bespoke commission 'Longbourn', designed to display a collection of dolls in a limited space.

Art Deco Bedroom

Georgian room with plaster alcoves

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls Houses roombox is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under 14.