Bespoke dolls houses1

In addition to building and selling our standard Georgian dollshouses we also undertake bespoke commissions for customers. Bespoke houses ("custom doll house" in the US) are usually challenging and enjoyable to design and execute. We particularly like to work closely with the customer from creation of the CAD drawings and sign-off of the specification, to weekly emailing of digital progress pictures.

What to do next

Call or email us with the outline of your idea; after some discussion we will be able to indicate the likely scale of work involved.

If it is possible for you to visit us, this is by far the best way to define what you really want. There are often some completed houses from which you can get ideas and discuss options over a cup of coffee. If you live too far away to visit, it is not a problem. We have successfully developed the specifications and CAD drawings for completely bespoke builds having never even met the overseas customer face-to-face!

When you are ready to proceed with the purchase, we will draw up a specification that describes all the ideas that were discussed and send you this with a quotation. During the build we can email you with weekly progress pictures so that you can see your house coming together. Some customers also like to visit as their house takes shape: it certainly adds to the excitement of commissioning your very own house.

Gallery of Bespoke Commissions:

221b Baker Street, London.

A London town house modelled to recreate the residence of Sherlock Holmes for a long-term fan of the fictional detective. The house is double-skinned and opens on three sides. It has 17 steps leading up from the front hallway to Holmes' study as mentioned in many of the stories.

William & Mary Farmhouse

A William & Mary farmhouse, based around the client's own house, featuring handmade windows and capturing the beautiful stairacse. The house has opening panels on both sides.

Regency Terrace

A four storey Regency terraced house, based around the client's own house, with attached front garden and detachable rear courtyard garden, outbuildings and cellars.

Art Deco House

A three storey Art Deco house with roof gardens and garage attached.

Brighton House

A grand six-storey house inspired by several Brighton terraces. The house itself is an end of terrace with its grand entrance portico and servants area to the side of the building.

Draper's Shop

A Georgian Draper's Shop with living accommodation above. The shop interior was inspired by a plate from Rudolph Ackermann's Repository of Arts showing the interior of Messrs Harding, Howell & Co. of Pall Mall, 1809.

Victorian Villa

A Victorian dolls house commission for a customer who wanted a special house to display her miniature collection.

Late-Regency House

A Regency dolls house commission for a customer who wished to capture the spirit of her own house, featuring handmade windows with margin-lights & a staircase with long, curving handrails.

Country Manor House

A Queen Anne dolls house commission for a customer of a favourite special house featuring detailed exterior block-work, opening panels on the side and in the attic and a grand cantilevered staircase.

Eaton Square

A Regency dolls house commission for a US customer who wanted a house based around several of the Regency properties in London's Eaton Square. It was one of the last DIY houses that we made. We no longer supply DIY houses.


A Georgian dolls house commission inspired by "Longbourn", home to the Bennett family in the 1995 BBC TV drama series "Pride and Prejudice".

1920s hotel

A grand dolls house commission for a US customer who wanted a hotel in the style of some of the hotels built at the turn of the 19th/20th century but set in the 1920s. It had 43 rooms, 6 floors, over 20 opening panels set in all four sides, had over 80 windows and measured 73" wide X 52" deep X 93" high. The project included themed suites (pictures of the Louis XIV and Tudor suites are shown) and some of the rooms were left in primer as the customer wished to decorate these herself.

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls House is not a toy and is unsuitable for children.