You may like the basic design of one of our standard dollshouses but see it as a starting point for adaptation to suit your exact needs. These changes may be simple and be covered by some, or all, of the existing Collectors' Upgrades, for example: additional room panelling; window seats; additional ceiling mouldings and additional and/or individually switched electric lighting. However, you may like to specify more complex changes, like increasing ceiling heights, merging or dividing rooms or adding further opening panels.

A few adaptations of standard houses:

Gainsborough House modified to include a doctor's surgery.

We widened this Gainsborough House and included opening panels on the front and both sides to give a variety of rooms and lots of captivating views. The house was set just before World War I and includes both gas and the 'new' electric lights.

Kensington House with Library and Brunswick Mansion style windows and balcony.

This Kensington House was made a little wider to accommodate a different style of window. This additional space was used to great effect in the Collectors' Upgrade library