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Visitors to the stand at exhibitions often ask where we source our components. Many architectural details we make from first principles, things like door cases and staircases, quoin stones, flag stones, roof slates, ridge tiles and corbels. On bespoke commissions we usually have to make custom windows and turn items on the lathe as they are not available to pattern from an external supplier. Here are some links to suppliers, whose products we use, or other miniaturists whose work we value and include, when appropriate, in our houses and room boxes.

Ray Storey Lighting High quality British handmade period lights.Ray Storey Lighting
Lucy Askew High quality British handmade girandoles.Lucy Askew
J.Getzan Dollhouse Miniatures High quality US handmade crystal lights.J.Getzan Dollhouse Miniatures

Period Metalwork
Ironworks and Black Country Miniatures High quality handmade period railings, balconies and balconettes.Ironworks and Black Country Miniatures
Sue Cook Miniatures Period stair/balcony splats in pewter. Mirrors.Sue Cook Miniatures
Sussex Crafts Rainwater guttering/pipes, period metal kitchen accessories and firebox doors.Sussex Crafts
Phoenix Model Developments Period metal hearths and cast metal components.Phoenix Model Developments
Romney Miniatures Cast metal oven doors.Romney Miniatures
Lucy Askew High quality handmade mirrors.Lucy Askew

British made period fireplaces/ranges
Sue Cook Miniatures Extensive choice of historically accurate fireplaces and wide a range of useful plaster mouldings.Sue Cook Miniatures
Sussex Crafts Detailed and some monumental statement fireplaces.Sussex Crafts
Lucy Askew Small range of very fine historically accurate fireplaces.Lucy Askew
Hearth and Home MiniaturesExtensive selection of fireplaces and many very detailed kitchen ranges.Hearth and Home Miniatures
Phoenix Model Developments Period fireplaces.Phoenix Model Developments
Dovetail MiniaturesGood value plaster fireplaces.Dovetails Miniatures

Paint and Wallpaper
Farrow & BallPrimer and matt estate emulsion paint in authentic period colours.Farrow & Ball
Susan Bembridge DesignsFine wallpapers for miniature houses with a wide choice of 18th and 19th Century designs.Susan Bembridge Designs

Wall & floor tiles and brickwork
Tiles in MiniaturePeriod ceramic wall tiles.Tiles in Miniature
Romney Miniatures Period ceramic floor and wall tiles.Romney Miniatures
Richard StaceyBrick slips, period floor tiles, quarry tiles and flagstones.Richard Stacey
Bromley Craft ProductsExterior brick effect, lead flashing and many other useful products.Bromley Craft Products
Dollshouse FlooringWide selection of floor and wall tiles.Dollshouse Flooring

British hand made period dolls (used in our marketing photos)
Georgina RitsonWide range of historically accurate, 1/12 dolls made to order.Georgina Ritson
Patricia Hirons Fine porcelain doll maker - commissions made to order.Telephone: 01953 453321