About Us

Anglia Dolls Houses Limited

Building dolls houses turned from a hobby into a business in 2008. Our aim is to build high quality dolls houses with lots of period details and the feel of a real house. Many people, who buy our houses, do so as a special present, often to celebrate a significant time in life, and since all our houses are hand-built, to order, we have the chance to make each house unique for our customers and create something that will give years of pleasure. For us, the best bit is delivering a finished house to an excited customer.

Why Georgian dolls houses?

Like so many other people we are drawn to Georgian buildings. Taking real period houses as our inspiration, we try to build dolls houses that are elegant and proportional - the sort of home in which you would like to live. We are not the only ones who feel they would like to live in one of our dollshouses: this is a frequent comment overheard at shows! While we have chosen to specialise in building houses set in the Georgian and Regency periods we do still welcome commissions set in other times.

Why build birch plywood dollshouses?

High grade birch plywood is expensive but it is a strong material and has the beauty of real wood, which we exploit in the floors of our houses. While MDF has no grain, making it easier to finish, its lack of structure means that fixings do not hold so well and its edges are easily prone to damage. MDF is not as stiff as birch plywood and can bend or sag under weight; given the size of many of our houses, and the hope they will be passed on to future generations, we prefer to rely on the more robust qualities of wood.

Tim Hartnall

Tim has always been interested in how houses are made and learnt a lot from his cabinet-maker Uncle. As a boy he was fascinated by the model buildings in museums like the Science Museum; as an adult he remembers seeing for the first time collectors dollshouses for sale in the shop in Covent Garden - these were truly inspirational. He made wooden toys including a dolls house for his daughters when they were children and later began making and selling dolls houses at local regional fairs. Since 2008 he has been designing and building dolls houses full-time.

Angela Hartnall

Angela has helped in the background for a long time but recently joined Tim full-time and she is now involved with painting, decorating, marbling and general finishing. She takes all the photographs for the website and enjoys liaising with our customers. Angela owned a dolls house as a child but only really began collecting miniatures when she started helping Tim at dolls house fairs - she is now the lucky owner of a Kensington House which she is trying to furnish in Regency style.

Come and meet us

If you would like to come and meet us, and see our dollshouses, we regularly exhibit at both the summer and Christmas Kensington Dollshouse Festivals, in London.